Delicious S’mores Dessert Pizza Kit

S'mores pizza dessert kit

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The weather is changing and it’s officially S’mores season. I don’t know about you, but my kiddos always look forward to those seasonal treats that are a household home-run. These Delicious S’mores Dessert Pizza Kits were the perfect treat for us.  As a growing family of 6, my husband and I are constantly looking for new treats with an old flavor to it, something affordable and relatively easy to make. Y’all… I think we found a winner with Mama Mary’s S’mores Dessert Pizza Kit. When I say easy.. I mean easy as 1,2,3.

Mama Marys S'more dessert Pizza kit

This amazing kit comes with everything you need and it’s super ideal activity for families. Mama Mary’s offers this kit nationwide for $3.99 and can be found in your local grocery stores! Each kit includes 2 pizza crusts made with graham flour, chocolate flavored sauce and marshmallow topping. Our family gave these gooey s’mores a try and let me just say.. we’re headed back to the store to get more! 

Let The Fun Begin

Now for the easy and tasty part! Let’s make some Pizza S’mores. First, you’ll start by setting the oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll simply remove the crust from the packaging and directly on a baking sheet, once you put the chocolate on each crust and place into the oven.

Then, you’ll knead the marshmallow topping packet until its slightly warm. Once the pizzas are ready, you can simply drizzle the marshmallow topping over each pizza and once the pizzas have cooled, you can dig in & enjoy!

S'mores dessert DIY

As the weather is dropping, this treat is the perfect addition to your after dinner treat or however you see fit. Let’s just say, Mama Mary’s is now a part of our family’s ‘favorite things to eat’. The thing I love most about this kit is, you no longer have to wait to go camping to enjoy s’mores, Mama Mary’s has curated a simple way to enjoy a delicious treat from the comfort of your home.. and did I mention how gooey the marshmallows are? Oh My!! My husband is even asking when are we going to make them again.. that’s how you KNOW it’s a homerun. 

Check out these pictures I took of the kiddos as we enjoyed making Mama Mary’s newest edition — S’mores Dessert Pizza Kit. This will be such a memorable moment for you and your entire family to enjoy, as you can see, our family certainly enjoyed this moment! We can’t wait to make some more memories and make more dessert pizza’s this holiday season.

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