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How to Organize Your Pantry in 4 easy steps

How to organize your small pantry

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If you’re anything like myself, you might be suffering from SPS – Small Pantry Syndrome! There is no judging here, we’re family and I totally get it. My small pantry was in desperate need of a makeover! After talking about how to organize my small pantry on Instagram over the summer, I finally decided to BE about it and got the strength to go through with it. These four easy steps on how to organize your pantry (works for a small or large pantry).

small pantry organization

Here’s a detailed video on YouTube where you can see a step-by-step process of how I organized my pantry(linked down below). But if I know you like I think I do, and you prefer to read about it…keep reading! 

When you’re trying to organize a very messy pantry, the first thing you want to do is to take everything out. Next, while this step didn’t make it to my video, you should also measure the space that you’re working with to make sure that the bins, baskets, and containers you purchase are going to fit.

First, let’s talk containers…AND how to get them on a budget! Listen, I’m all about maximizing my needs without emptying the bank! I spent about $300.00 altogether to organize both of my small pantries and my fridge. I was able to score most of my containers and baskets from Bed Bath and Beyond, Macys and Home Goods. 

I’ll have listed down below some of my favorite and most used bins and baskets. All bins and baskets can be found in my amazon store here

Best pantry organizers

Linking some fo my favorite containers from Amazon…click here

Baskets similar to mine are linked here

BBB Pro Tip

Seconds, let talk Containers and how to get them at a great deal!

Sign up for emails with Bed, Bath and Beyond. They periodically send coupons for $20 off every $80 you spend. Fun fact.. you have the option to stack this with the sales, or if you can catch a really good sale, the 20% off coupons work really well too, which is why I prefer BBB over The Container Store. I was able to get the OXO Pop containers from BBB at a very good price using this method! 

Macys Tip

In addition to BBB I also shopped at Macys. Macys also has coupons that you can stack along with sales. I found that I saved the most at Macys when it came to buying the OXO pop containers because they’re ALWAYS running a sale.

You can find the OXO pop containers here

Buying in sets also saved me lots of money. I found that the 5 piece set gave me the best bang for my buck. I didn’t need the smaller containers that came in the larger sets. I also found that buying them individually cost me more out of pocket. I did find a few containers at HomeGoods which were priced great but I saved more with the sales and using coupons on top.

Once you’ve purchased your containers and cleaned out your space, it’s time to fill them up! 

I used my OXO containers for cereal, along with pasta, flour, and sugar. This worked out well and I love the aesthetic it brings to the pantry.

Lastly, The bins are where I arrange our snacks. Since we are such a huge family, I’m always stocking the snack pantry at least once a month.. (If you know, you know).

Note: As a growing family, some of our needs have changed so, I’m working to finalize a plan that can better suit our specific family needs! I can’t wait to share them with you soon! 

If You prefer to watch the steps, here is my detailed YouTube video on how I did everything.

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