Hi guys!! My name is Nathalie – and yes, that’s with an “h”!

I’m so glad that you stopped by!

I’m sure you’re wondering what’s my story so, grab some wine.. let’s talk!  I’m a millenial mom of 6 amazing kiddos and no, that’s not a typo! My lovely (and lively) babes range from 13 years old all the way to my identical twin boys who are 4 years old! Can you imagine playtime with 5 boys and 1 girl? Whew! We are quite the crazy bunch, but they are MY bunch 🙂

There’s no way possible I would be as sane as I am if it weren’t for my AMAZING Husbae of 9 years, Vincente. He’s a driving force and a sounding board for all of my crazy ideas and dreams!

interracial couples

All Things Nat is a place where mothers, especially moms with large families, feel encouraged, hopeful and supported. Together we can debunk the theory that motherhood is always a burden, especially mamas to big families. I’ll tell you this, I’ll always keep it real with you, no matter how ugly the truth is! I’ll laugh with you, until tiny tears come rolling down and lastly, my biggest wish of all is that I inspire you to keep being that BAD ASS mom that you are.

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All my love, Nathalie 

Debunking the myth that motherhood is a burden, by living my life and still loving on my kids.

– Nathalie Moran